Biology- Week of Nov 2-6

Week of Nov 2-6

Topic: Cell Energy

Chemical Reactions Wkst.

Photosynthesis Review- Due Mon, Nov 2nd (see below)
Reading ?’s 4.4- Due Wed, Nov 4th
Reading ?’s 4.5- Due Fri, Nov 6th

Rate of Photosynthesis- Lab Report- Due Tues, Nov 3rd
Trash or Treasure Lab?

Science Fair:
Revision- Due Fri, Nov 6th

Photosynthesis Quiz- Tues, Nov 3rd

Photosynthesis Review

  1. State the equations for photosynthesis in both words and formulas.
  2. In which organelle does photosynthesis take place?
  3. Make a simple drawing of the above organelle and label the following parts:  thylakoid, grana, stroma
  4. Define pigment.
  5. Describe how absorption and reflection impact the color of an object
  6. Describe why its beneficial for a plant to have more than one pigment (accessory pigments)
  7. Trace the solar energy captured by the photosynthetic pigment through the thylakoid membrane (light-dependent reactions)
  8. What reactant of photosynthesis is used in the light-dependent reactions?
  9. What are the products of the light-dependent reactions?
  10. What reactant of photosynthesis is used in the light-independent reactions (Calvin cycle)?
  11. Explain how the reactant of photosynthesis (listed in #10) and the products are the light-dependent reactions (listed in #9) are used in the Calvin cycle?
  12. Describe the steps in the light-dependent reactions (Calvin cycle).
  13. What is the product of the Calvin cycle?
  14. What is this product (your answer to #14) turned into?
  1. What is the Calvin cycle called a cycle?

Art Oct. 19-23

9th grade students have finished their T-Shirt Project. Students learned how to screen print. Students created their designs and cooperated to create class T-shirts.

Our next Project is Aboriginal Dot Paintings. Students will create aboriginal style art using only dots to tell stories through paintings. Students will  use the elements of color and space to create harmony and variety.

9th grade Screen Print Project




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Music 9th Grade


Students will create an AUDIOBOOK:

  1. Book to be recorded El Cantar de Roldán
  2.  This is a collaboration with spanish class.
  3. Every student will record 24 stanzas of this book which is a big and epic poem
  4. The project will be evaluated in both classes, music and spanish

Español semana I del 12 al 16 de octubre

Estamos empezando el segundo parcial. 

Lunes  tendrán tiempo para leer las últimas estrofas del Cantar de Roldán.

Martes Ultimo control de lectura de las estrofas CCXXVI a CCXLIII

Miércoles se asignarán los proyectos finales del libro y consistirán en lo siguiente: 

Armamento medieval y vocabulario

Descripción de personajes principales y algunos secundarios por cantos o estrofas.

Características de un caballero medieval.

Dramatización de uno de los cantos o estrofas que le haya gustado o interesado más.

El viernes estarán presentando sus proyectos, podrán trabajar en parejas o individual.                                 roldan                 


Profa. Jazmín Avilez