Art Aug 7 – Aug 11



Welcome back!

My name is Soraya Reichmann. I have been teaching Studio Art and AP Studio Art for Middle and High School at Discovery School for the past five years. Art is my passion, and I enjoy sharing my experience with my students.

It is with sincere enthusiasm that I would like to welcome all of our students and parents to a new year at Discovery School. Each one plays an important role in the educational process.

This year Studio Art Class at Discovery school will be full of exciting activities concerning art techniques, and mediums that will motivate students to express their creativity.

How students will be assessed and evaluated:

The art score will encompass three areas:

  1. 70% Production (Class Project): Each project begins with a lesson plan where expectations and due dates are discussed as well as a project rubric. Art rubrics will encompass several areas such as: concept, creativity, originality, craftsmanship, and the application of the principles of design.
  2. 15% Written Work: Progress in sketchbook, sketches, written assignments analysis of work, quizzes and homework.
  3. 15% Participation: Includes regular attendance, use of in-class time, effort in work, production, attention to lectures, attention to directions, and demonstration of respect for teacher and classmates, and proper use of art materials.

Supplies: Aside from school provided art materials and specific requests for each grade; students should always bring to class:

1.    A Sketchbook

2.    HB Pencil

3.    An eraser

4.    A sharpener



5.    A ruler

6.    A pair of scissors

7.    Glue stick


Discovery School Secondary Discipline Plan

With the purpose of keeping the good  standards of discipline and attendance of the students and providing consistency of expectations and consequences, the following discipline plan is in effect for all classes in the Middle and High School ( 6-12), including special classes.


  1. Respect
  2. Responsibility
  3. Self Discipline



Student is reminded of the rules and guidelines, referring to the handbook, rules, and or expectations and informed of the next step.

  1. DETENTION (Teacher/Student)

(Teacher supervised at noon and after school at the discretion of the teacher) Teacher notifies parents: Teacher fills out detention form and gives to the Area administrator for inclusion in the students file. (The teacher who assigns the detention will supervise the detention in his/ her classroom.)

  1. DETENTION ( Teacher/Student/Parent/Area Administrator)

(Teacher supervised at noon of after school at the discretion of the teacher) Teacher fills out Detention form and gives it to the area administrator for inclusion in the students file. Area Administrator notifies parents and includes documentation of the phone call in the Communication Log. (The teacher who assigns the detention will supervise the detention in his/her classroom.)

  1. ADDITIONAL INFRACTIONS ( Teacher /Students/Parent/Administration)

If the student’s behavior continues after the first three steps, the students will be placed under a Disciplinary Contract. In addition, the Administration reserves the right to assign further disciplinary measures, such as (but not limited to).

  1. Conference with Guidance Counselor
  2. Parent Conference
  3. Conference with Head of School
  4. In-School Suspension
  5. Out- of- School Suspension
  6. Other actions as determined by the Administrative Team and the Laws of the Honduran Ministry of Education.

Any student who skips detention, arrives at detention late, or breaks detention rules, and any student who refuses to follow the Discipline Plan will receive further disciplinary action.

In the event of an extreme violation of school expectations, any of the above steps may be skipped. The administration reserves the right to attend to extreme behavior incidents at any time.

 Art Class Homework Policy

Originality is highly encouraged in art class. Students are expected to bring their own pictures and designs for each project. It is also common for students to bring more than one idea or example to combine and create something original. It is highly recommended for students to bring these examples or photographs the day they are asked for not only to obtain a complete grade but also to start the project on time. Students must take advantage of the allotted time for each project, if they need extra time they may take their projects home or work during recess and break. Taking their project home to complete it is not considered homework.

Art history part of the class curriculum, students will be asked to make individual or group presentations for different art styles and the role they have in history.

Make up Work Policy

  • It is the responsibility of the student to obtain make up assignments from the teachers and see that the completed work is submitted within the allotted number of days.
  • If a student is absent for 1 or 2 days , he/she MUST bring and excuse from home in order to be able to make up the missing work
  • If a student is absent for 3 or more days , he/she MUST bring an excuse from the doctor in order to be able to make up the missing work
  • If the student brings an appropriate excuse, he/she will have 1 day per day missed to make up his/her work.
  • Saturdays and Sundays do not count as makeup days.
  • If the student fails to present his/her work due, he/she will receive no points for the work.

 Tests and Quizzes

Students should expect either a written or en-grade (pop quiz or open book quiz) for each art period they study. Quizzes are short concise and relevant to the information acquired during class.

 Art Materials

  • Art materials are of crucial importance to the class. Students are expected to take proper care of them. Students should use, store, and clean the art materials used during class. Not doing so will result in academic and/or disciplinary consequences.
  • Art materials are provided for in school work only.

 Best wishes for a successful year!





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