Biology- Oct 8-13

Topic: Cells & Science Fair

Science Fair:
Final Draft Experimental Design- Wed, Oct 11th
Rough Draft Research Paper- Fri, Oct 13th

Lab: Design-A-Cell STEM Project Lab Report- Due Thurs, Oct 12th (see requirements below)

Reading ?’s 3.5– Due Tues, Sept 10th
Transport Problems– Due Thurs, Sept 12th
-Answer Key
Cell Review- Due Fri, Sept 13th

Cells- Fri, Sept 13th

Design-A-Cell STEM project Lab Requirements
50 points
Observations: Use the qualitative and quantitative observations from the grape lab to describe what happens to a material surrounded by semipermeable membrane.  (4 points)
Problem/Question:  Make a one sentence statement to describe the main problem or question you are trying to solve in this project. (2 points)
Research:  Describe the properties of the cell membrane and how these make the cell membrane semipermeable.   Define osmosis and explain how it takes place, including the various environments that cause it to occur.  Explain how the cell reacts to the environments in order to keep homeostasis.  Describe the cell membrane’s role in maintaining homeostasis.  (10 points)
Hypotheses:  State the three hypotheses regarding how the cell will react to each environment.  (6 points)
Materials:  Create a list of materials that was used in your lab. (2 points)
Procedure:  List the step-by-step, detailed instructions for testing your hypothesis.  (12 points)
Data:  Create a table which shares the data taken from your lab.  Be sure it’s clearly labelled and has the proper units for all measurements.  (6 points)
Conclusion:  Based on your data, draw a conclusion about each of your hypotheses.  Describe how this experiment demonstrates osmosis.  If there are any errors, discuss these and how you would redesign your cell to create the desired result.  (8 points)




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