Biology- Online Work- Nov 29- Dec 1

Hello everyone! We will continue with science fair presentations on Monday.

Meanwhile, here’s some reading and activities to complete.

Read Chapter 5, Section 1 and complete these reading ?’s on the Google Form.

See this PowerPoint and complete the worksheet that goes along with it.


Math 1 Week of Nov. 27 – Dec. 1

We are trying a different format this week with a flipped classroom.

If you have questions I will be available using Google Hangouts at 12:25-1:15 pm (our regular classtime) on Wed., Thurs., and Fri.  Use the following link:

Tues 11/27 – Ch 6 Data Analysis

IN p 91: p 369 #1-14 Ch 6 Diagnostic

IN p 92: Ch 6 Dictionary Ch 6 Data Analysis Dictionary

IN p 93: 6.1 Notes on Key Concepts, and EX 1-4

Wed. 11/28 – 6.1 Frequency and Histograms

IN p 94: 6.1 VWS m1_0601vs

IN p 95: 6.1 PWS M1_0601PRG

IN p 96: 6.2 Notes on Key Concepts and EX 1-5

Thurs. 11/28 – 6.2 Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion

IN p 97: 6.2 VWS m1_0602vs

IN p 98: 6.2 PWS M1_0602PRG

IXL: Algebra 1 KK.2

IN p 99: 6.3 Notes on Key Concepts and Ex. 1-4

Fri. 12/1 – 6.3 Box and Whisker Plots

IN p 100: 6.3 VWS M1_0603VS

IN p 101: 6.3 PWS M1_0603PRG

IXL:  Algebra 1 KK.3

If you any questions or concerns please contact me via email or whatsapp (no during class time).

World History 2 – Nov 28 to Dec 1

A fun-filled week is in store examining the royal families of Spain and England during the sixteenth century.

The exploration will be in support of our coverage of the various impacts of the Protestant Reformation and will examine the “close” family ties of the Spanish Hapsburgs and the relation by marriage and then intense rivalry with the Tudors of England. As an appetizer we will look into the six wives of King Henry VIII of England.

The end of the semester is approaching, so final exams for the semester are just around the corner.

Physical Education November 28- December 1, 2017

NINTH GRADE: During this week, the students will work on developing of aerobics routines combined with dancing classes.


Required Materials for Class:  Tennis shoes, water bottle and appropriate clothing.


Optional Materials for Class:  Bug spray, hat and sunscreen.        

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: To participate in class activities and receive full credit for the class, students need to wear appropriate clothing for P.E. class.


GOALS: We will use the word RESPECT to set the main goals for the year.


Right to Learn – Every child has this right to be educated!

Effort – Win or lose, trying is the most important trait.

Safety – The number one priority each day!

Purpose – Understanding how the activity can benefit you.

Enthusiasm – Positive energy creates a positive environment!

Challenge – Challenge yourself to improve each day.

Trust/Teamwork – Work with and trust others, the result can be amazing!


REMINDER: I would like to remind you that all students need to be dressed appropriately for the days that they have P.E. class. Students should refrain from using the following:

–  Dresses for the girls

–  Jeans (shorts or pants)

–  Crocks

–  Sandals

–  Boots



Have fun!

Candy, food, and/or gum – out of sight, out of mind!

Positive attitude!

Remain in supervised areas all the time!






Español del 27 de noviembre al 1 de diciembre

Martes y miércoles tendrán tiempo para trabajar en sus proyectos de Lazarillo de Tormes. Recuerden que tendrán que cumplir con los siguientes partes:

Resumen del tratado asignado

Vocabulario (10 palabras)

Lista de arcaismos (10 con el equivalente en español)

proyecto creativo

Elaboración de prueba

Jueves empezaremos con las presentaciones tratado II y III.

Viernes continuaremos con las presentaciones si no tienen que exponer sus proyectos de ciencias.


Profesora Jazmín Avilez


NPH Giving Tree

cwvDm9asA_Lw9YsGTQNy8vWrdsA (1)

Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) is an international organization that takes in abandoned and orphaned children, providing a home and education. Here in Honduras, the NPH organization provides for over 500 children in at large ranch near La Venta and home in Tegucigalpa for severely handicapped children. While many children at the ranch have aunts, uncles, or grandparents that come to visit them and can provide some Christmas gifts, some children at a ranch have no family to visit. It is these children, whom we would like to provide for this Christmas. In the secondary building, second floor, a NPH Giving Tree bulletin board will be set up. If you wish to participate, choose a paper tree that has a child’s information about his/her size for shoes and socks.
Purchase the new items and return them to Mrs. Agurcia’s Room (Secondary Building, Rm. 7) by Tuesday, December 5th,unwrapped, with the tree tag taped to it. Thank you for giving this Christmas!
If more information about NPH’s work in Honduras, please visit

World History 2 – Makeup Exam for Boys on Basketball Trip

Due Date – 28 November


  1. Explain how the fall of Constantinople ended up leading to the fall of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. To do this effectively, you will need to construct a multiple-paragraph response that addresses EACH of the following issues:


  • Why did the fall of Constantinople act as a contributing cause to the Age of Exploration? To do this effectively, you will want to relate the motivations to explore to the principles of mercantilism.
  • What technological improvements needed to be made in order for Europeans to undertake these voyages of exploration? Specifically name two or three of these and identify the culture that came up with this invention.
  • Explain the various factors that enabled a small force of Spanish soldiers to defeat Mexico’s greatest empire. You should be considering causes that are technological, biological, and cultural.
  • Since you picked up an extra reading today, for your second question you should examine the lives of Galileo and John Wycliffe and explain what they had in common with each other even though one is a man of science and the other is a man of God. Your analysis should run deeper than just saying “they both said things that the Catholic church didn’t like.” Instead your answer should be focusing on issues such as truth, humanism, and power.

Math 1 Week of Nov. 20-25, 2017

Khan Academy Resources:

Mon. 11/20/17 5.9 Lesson Quiz IXL Due 5.9 Quiz
Tues. 11/21/17 Ch 5 Review & Practice Test Practice Ch 5 Test

Notebook Due



STEM Challenge: Flying Money STEM Challenge: Flying Money

Complete Handouts

Thurs. 11/23/17

Fri. 11/24/17