Art Oct. 9-13

Renaissance Masks

Students continue to build on their masks. They have been adding accessories and decorations using Baroque Art  as an inspiration.


Art Oct. 2-3

Italian Renaissance Masks

Students will continue to add volume to their masks. They will also add details using Baroque Art as an inspiration. They will be using acrylic paint as a medium.




Art May 15-19

Three Point Perspective

Students have learned to create three point perspective by making interesting compositions. They are applying gradiation to their compositions using water-colors, coloring pencils, or temperas.


Don’t miss The Discovery School annual art exhibit. It will take place Saturday May 20th. Students best art pieces will be on exhibition. Once the General Assembly is finished students may take their work home.

Art April 24-28

Image result for three point perspective

Three point perspectives is a great when you wish to render objects or scenes from an abnormally high or low point of view. The distortions that the third vanishing point brings into your composition often has a very artistic effect and makes even the most simple concept more interesting.

Students have finished sketching their design and will now begin to add color.

Art Feb 27 to March 3



Follow precise, multi-step directions.

Have the opportunity to go beyond the immediate lesson and apply artistic creativity, or learn more about M. C. Escher, his art, or the contributions he made to mathematics.

Be able to understand and define the following terms: tessellation, polygon, angle, plane, vertex, and adjacent.

Create a concrete model of a tessellation.