Art Feb. 20-23

Shattered Value Project

Students will continue to explore the element of non-color value and learn how light and shade help to make shapes appear 3-dimensional when drawn on a flat surface.

Due date is Thursday February 22.



Art Feb. 12-16

Shattered Panel Project

Students will  apply the element of Value this week; they will finish shading their shattered Panel Projects.

Art Dec. 12-15

Science Display Boards and Scrapbooks

Image result for science display boardsRelated image

In collaboration with Science Class and Language Arts Class, students have been asked to apply Elements and Principles of Art to their Science Display Boards and their Language Arts scrapbook. Both projects should be turned in for grading this week.

Art Nov. 20-22

Science Display Boards

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Students will continue to place relevant information on their display boards. They will apply previous knowledge of Elements and Principles of Art to create a harmonious and unified Display Board.

Art Nov. 13-17

Science Fair Display Boards

In collaboration with Science Class students will integrate subjects applying the principles of STEAM.

Students will use the template for the information required in their science class to create an engaging Science Fair Display board. They will apply the previously learned principles and elements of art.

Each student’s project is different therefore their display boards will show individuality and voice.