ELA May 15-19

This week you will be working on the “Be the Change” project that was inspired from our trip to Amor, Fe, y Esperanza. The leaders for the project are: Nico, Laura T, Laura S, Avery, Liza, and Sofia. Each day you will be responsible for making crafts and artistic products. You should complete the daily notecard to inform me what you have accomplished that day and the substitute will sign off. Please manage your time well and remember the purpose of this project.

ELA April 24-28

We will continue our Sustainable Development Project this week. On Monday, Ms. Amy will be facilitating an activity with you to get you thinking about systems and solutions. On Tuesday, you will collaborate with your fifth grade partner(s) to come up with a problem and solutions to focus on for your goal. For the rest of the week you will work on problem/solution writing.

ELA April 18-21

We will begin our Sustainable Development Projects in collaboration with Ms. Amy’s 5th grade ELA class this week. On Wednesday you will present the goals to your partner and get to know each other. We go over all the details of the project with you then. Make sure to stay updated with due dates and guidelines. We will be focusing on problem/solution writing towards the end of the week.

ELA April 3-7

This week we will finish our unit on research and informative writing. You will practice the skills we have been reviewing by completing SAT practice tests online. We will also continue one-on-one conferences for final revisions on the paper. Also, you will be starting a new project in collaboration with Ms. Amy in 5th grade. You will be partnered with a 5th grader to complete a research and writing assignment on the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals. All information will be given in class, along with rubrics and requirements.

The final research paper is due by this Thursday, April 6th, but you may turn it in any day this week to get your grade sooner.

ELA March 27-31

We will continue to focus on language and writing this week while simultaneously applying those skills to your research papers. Throughout the week, I will be conferencing with you one-on-one about your papers, as well as overall strengths and needs for improvement. Each night you should be revising your papers using the skills that were addressed that day in class.

ELA March 20-24

We will be having mini lessons all week to perfect and finalize your research papers on influential women of history. On Tuesday, March 21st, you will have your second draft due and then on TUESDAY, MARCH 28TH YOUR FINAL DRAFT IS DUE FOR 200 POINTS. All this week you will be receiving comments on your papers and we will have individual conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday to evaluate your writing under the categories in which you will be graded.


ELA March 13-16

Using the first drafts of your research paper, we will be peer editing and revising this week. You will review proofreading marks and be required to have multiple people edit the paper. The final research paper, complete with in-text citations, title page, 4-6 pages, etc.. will be due on Tuesday, March 21st. Then, we will work on the presentations of your research before we move on to a new unit for fourth quarter.

ELA March 6-10

We are continuing our research paper for Women’s History Month. By Tuesday you should have your research outlines complete and ready to start the first draft of your paper. We will be in the info center Tuesday-Thursday. ON MONDAY, MARCH 13TH YOU SHOULD HAVE THE FIRST DRAFT OF YOUR PAPER COMPLETE. That means that you should have at least 4 pages, complete with intro and conclusion, and the Works Cited page.

ELA Feb 27- March 3

You will take your test on the play for Monday. On Tuesday, we will beginning a research paper for Women’s History month. You will choose a woman that has made an impact on the world, either living or dead. The only catch is you MUST have a print resource, so we will spend a lot of time in the Information Center and you will have Tuesday to decide who you will be writing the paper on. We will work this week exclusively on the research paper and on research skills. I will give you all the details in class, along with a schedule and outline of due dates and requirements.

ELA February 21-24

We will finish the play A Midsummer’s Night Dream this week and prepare for your exam on the novel, which will be on Monday, February 27th. The format of the test will be matching, multiple choice, short answer, and essay and will consist of questions about characterization, plot, symbolism, theme, and dialogue.