MUSIC (9) Week 9 -11


New class year , new expectations , new projects and much fun learning about  music!

Dear students and parents:

My name is Norma G. López and I will be the music teacher for middle and high school during this academic year.

I have 25 years experience in the music field graduated from the National School of Music of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I play guitar, accordion, electric bass and keyboard.

I also have a BA in English Teaching and a Master Degree in Management Education from the National Pedagogical University.

My expectations for this year are to lead my students to experience a wonderful trip though the music world, and of course, let them know how beautiful and rich Honduran musical culture is. In addition, they will learn how to play guitar, keyboard, accordion or ukulele in class.


1. Projects and Presentations ……………  50%

2. Written work ………………………… ….   20%

3. Class Work (Instrument performance) .. 30%

LATE WORK : It will be a deduction of 10% per each late day. The fifth consecutive day will not be accepted.


Staff notebook
6th and 7th grade ( Guitar)
8th       Keyboard (Optional to have it in class)
9th       None Performance Course
I am open to any suggestions and help, please feel free to contact me at

Sincerely yours,

MUSIC 9 ( Feb. 13 -17)

trofeo-aasca-2017Congratulations to the Discovery Jazz Wolves and Discovery Choir for their OUTSTANDING performances at the AASCA Music Festival in Costa Rica , hosted by Lincoln School.

We are really proud of you!


9th : “Musical Periods in history”.

Students  will prepare a display board to explain the different music periods in history.


MUSIC 9 ( Jan. 23 -27)

This week they will start  the unit “The Voice”. To develop this topic, they will make several activities. (Activities 5 is due this week)

Activity #5
They will build a breathing mechanism DURING CLASS TIME.

Breathing Mechanism (How to built it)  

Students may use any materials they want to make their models.  Examples of some materials may be:  plastic pop bottles, balloons, rubber tubes, plastic or styrofoam cups, wood, etc.  This is just a sample list students may use these items, but are not limited to the list.



FOR Choir students ONLY

These are the mp3 files of two of the song that we are studying for our Costa Rica trip in February. Please practice them at home!

BONCE ABA (Alto Voice)

BONCE ABA (Soprano Voice)

GLORIA (Alto Voice)

GLORIA (Soprano Voice)

MUSIC 9 ( Jan. 16 -20)

This week they will start  the unit “The Voice”. To develop this topic, they will make several activities. (Activities 3 and 4 are due this week)

Activity #3 (DUE DATE: Tuesday, January 17)

Answer 4 questions about the vocal cords. Discussion at the end of the class.

Activity #4 (DUE DATE: Thursday, January 19)

Listen to 4 MP3 audio and videos in order to classify the different voices.




MUSIC 9 (Jan. 9 -13)

This week they will start  the unit “The Voice” . To develop this topic, they will make several activities. (Activities 1 and 2 this week)

Activity #1 (DUE DATE: Jan. 10)

Write  definitions of some vocal concepts after watching a video: Singing Basics

Activity #2 (DUE DATE: Thursday 12)

Identify the Vocal apparatus parts and take an online quiz about it