World History 2 (Oct 9-13) Mr. Ian Stewart

There will be an assessment on Tuesday, October 10 which was rescheduled from Tuesday, October 3. See last week’s blog posting for details of the contents of the assessment.

We will finish the week by looking at West African trading kingdoms (with an emphasis on the kingdom of Mali) and will begin our exploration of the Crusades.


Mr. Ian Stewart’s Weekly Blog (Aug 14-18) – World History 2

Good Morning Students and Parents,

We have begun our exploration of World History where the students left off last year: an examination of the civilization of ancient Greece.

Attached you will find a homework assignment (due Tuesday) and an overview of the key issues that I believe the students should have under control at this point.

I will be available to help students on Tuesday and Wednesday in my classroom during morning break and lunch in case there are any questions.(WH2 – HW) Greek culture(WH2 – HW) Greek culture worksheetWorld History 2 Study Guide

Our next topic of focus will be the Roman Republic/Roman Empire from its formation through its division between Eastern and Western Roman Empire to the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the transition of the Eastern Roman Empire to the Byzantine Empire.

Required Materials – (Mr. Stewart – World History 2)

Good Morning,

A few things you will need to be fully equipped for my World History class.

  • A single-subject notebook. I want you to have a dedicated notebook (NOT a section of a multiple-section notebook). The notebook should be bound (if I hold the notebook and shake it, papers should not be flying all over the place). For more information, please see my blog post about rubrics and standards.
  • A stapler. A mini-stapler is fine.
  • A folder/binder to keep returned work organized.


I am looking forward to working with you.

-Mr. Ian (aka Mr. Stewart)

Grading Policy – Mr. Stewart (World History 2)

Grading Policy – Mr. Stewart

Department of Social Studies, Upper School – Discovery School

Each students grade will be determined based on the following formula:

Assessments (30%)

This includes tests, quizzes, and in-class presentations that are intended to demonstrate mastery of the curriculum.

Homework (15%)

Homework will be graded according to the rubric posted on the teacher’s blog. Unexcused late homework will be subject to a points deduction.

Classwork/Engagement (25%)

This part of the grade encompasses all in-class written work, participation in class discussion, and making meaningful contributions in pair- and group-work. The grade will also include periodic assessments of the student’s notebook (see teacher’s blog for notebook standards).

Contributions to class discussion will be evaluated both in terms of consistency (students are expected to make meaningful contributions to class every day) and in terms of quality (see rubric on the teacher’s blog).

Persistent and/or egregious deviation from in-class expectations for appropriate student behavior will lead to a deduction from this part of the student’s grade.

Term Projects/Extended Work (30%)

Students are expected to complete longer-term projects that will require substantial research and revision. Students will be notified when a piece of work falls under this category and task-specific rubrics will be distributed with the assignment.

Please Note – Students are expected to turn in original work that includes proper citations when necessary. Work that is copied or plagiarized will receive a score of zero and no makeup opportunity will be given.

Mr. Stewart’s Introduction (Social Studies Grades 9-12)

Good Day,

My name is Ian Stewart, and I am the newest member of the faculty at Discovery School. I will be teaching social studies for grades 9 through 12.

For the past thirteen years I have been teaching economics, government, and history (both global and US) at a public high school in New York City. While I enjoyed my time at Bronx Health Sciences High School very much, I was ready to explore new challenges and to embark on an adventure.

Prior to my time teaching in the public schools, I worked in the private sector for a test-preparation company by the name of The Princeton Review. While my primary responsibilities focused on test preparation for graduating college students (LSAT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT), I have extensive experience in helping students prepare for the SAT.

My sister is a Discovery School parent, and I have visited Honduras on two occasions in the past. I am delighted to be joining the Discovery School family and look forward to getting to know you all better as we move through this coming school year together.


Ian M. Stewart

Social Studies – Discovery School

World History May 30-June 3

FINAL EXAM REVIEW WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is your student created study guide: Study Guide. On Monday, we will go over the outline for the essay on the wars of the twentieth century and on Tuesday we will play the Kahoot that Kelvin has made for our review.

Don’t forget that you can and should write your essay early. It is due the day of the exam, but you can turn it in at any point before for teacher feedback. Your exam is on Friday at 8am. A friendly reminder that if you are missing work and it is causing you to fail, you will not be permitted to leave the exam until you have made up your work.

World History May 23-27

We are finishing our last unit on wars in the 20th century this week: World War I, World War II, Cold War, Vietnam War, Korean War, War in Iraq and Afghanistan. Please recognize that this is only a short list of conflicts that were happening globally throughout the 20th century.

On Thursday, you will have a graphic organizer due on all the major wars of the 20th century. This graphic organizer can be digital or on paper, but it must not be on a single piece of computer paper or notebook paper. You can use any resources to complete this assignment- the book, the Internet, Brain Pop videos, youtube videos, or any other resources that you find helpful.

The graphic organizer should include 1) All the wars listed above 2) Causes and Effects 3) Major players (leaders and countries) 4) 10 visuals 5) Brief timeline of the war


World History II May 16-20

This week we will finish our unit on the Great War by watching a Brain Pop, reviewing, and having a quiz on Tuesday the 17th. You should study for this quiz by using the Chapter Review as your guide- the questions will come directly from this assessment. On Wednesday and Thursday, you will be creating an interactive Google presentation on the key events, terms, and people during the “interwar years” between the world wars. This will be due on Friday. On Friday, we will dedicate the class to understanding the brutal and horrifying reality of the Holocaust by looking at several primary source documents.