MUSIC (9) Week 9 -11


New class year , new expectations , new projects and much fun learning about  music!

Dear students and parents:

My name is Norma G. López and I will be the music teacher for middle and high school during this academic year.

I have 25 years experience in the music field graduated from the National School of Music of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I play guitar, accordion, electric bass and keyboard.

I also have a BA in English Teaching and a Master Degree in Management Education from the National Pedagogical University.

My expectations for this year are to lead my students to experience a wonderful trip though the music world, and of course, let them know how beautiful and rich Honduran musical culture is. In addition, they will learn how to play guitar, keyboard, accordion or ukulele in class.


1. Projects and Presentations ……………  50%

2. Written work ………………………… ….   20%

3. Class Work (Instrument performance) .. 30%

LATE WORK : It will be a deduction of 10% per each late day. The fifth consecutive day will not be accepted.


Staff notebook
6th and 7th grade ( Guitar)
8th       Keyboard (Optional to have it in class)
9th       None Performance Course
I am open to any suggestions and help, please feel free to contact me at

Sincerely yours,

Civismo y Seminario Del Himno Nacional de Honduras ( del 9 al 11 de agosto del 2017)

Estimados Padres y Alumnos

Sean todos bienvenidos a este nuevo año lectivo 2017-2018

Será en gusto trabajar este nuevo año con cada uno de los jóvenes desde 6to hasta 12mo grado, mi nombre es Sergio Noel Andino Sierra soy maestro de primaria (ENMPN), licenciado en Lenguas Extranjeras (UNAH), diplomado en formación pedagógica para educación superior (UPNFM), Maestría en Estudios Multidisciplinarios orientados a la educación (SUNY) y actualmente pasante de la carrera de Ciencias de la Educación con orientación en Ciencias Sociales (UPNFM).

Tengo 27 años de laborar en el magisterio y 19 años de trabajar en Discovery School. Yo enseñaré las asignaturas de:

Historia de Latino América I (6 to grado)

Historia de Honduras I (7mo grado)

Historia de Latino América II (8vo grado)

Civismo (9no grado)

Historia de Honduras II (10mo grado)

Desarrollo Socio-económico (11mo grado)

Historia de las Culturas (12mo grado)


Mr. Sergio Andino

Art Aug 7 – Aug 11



Welcome back!

My name is Soraya Reichmann. I have been teaching Studio Art and AP Studio Art for Middle and High School at Discovery School for the past five years. Art is my passion, and I enjoy sharing my experience with my students.

It is with sincere enthusiasm that I would like to welcome all of our students and parents to a new year at Discovery School. Each one plays an important role in the educational process.

This year Studio Art Class at Discovery school will be full of exciting activities concerning art techniques, and mediums that will motivate students to express their creativity.

How students will be assessed and evaluated:

The art score will encompass three areas:

  1. 70% Production (Class Project): Each project begins with a lesson plan where expectations and due dates are discussed as well as a project rubric. Art rubrics will encompass several areas such as: concept, creativity, originality, craftsmanship, and the application of the principles of design.
  2. 15% Written Work: Progress in sketchbook, sketches, written assignments analysis of work, quizzes and homework.
  3. 15% Participation: Includes regular attendance, use of in-class time, effort in work, production, attention to lectures, attention to directions, and demonstration of respect for teacher and classmates, and proper use of art materials.

Supplies: Aside from school provided art materials and specific requests for each grade; students should always bring to class:

1.    A Sketchbook

2.    HB Pencil

3.    An eraser

4.    A sharpener



5.    A ruler

6.    A pair of scissors

7.    Glue stick


Discovery School Secondary Discipline Plan

With the purpose of keeping the good  standards of discipline and attendance of the students and providing consistency of expectations and consequences, the following discipline plan is in effect for all classes in the Middle and High School ( 6-12), including special classes.


  1. Respect
  2. Responsibility
  3. Self Discipline



Student is reminded of the rules and guidelines, referring to the handbook, rules, and or expectations and informed of the next step.

  1. DETENTION (Teacher/Student)

(Teacher supervised at noon and after school at the discretion of the teacher) Teacher notifies parents: Teacher fills out detention form and gives to the Area administrator for inclusion in the students file. (The teacher who assigns the detention will supervise the detention in his/ her classroom.)

  1. DETENTION ( Teacher/Student/Parent/Area Administrator)

(Teacher supervised at noon of after school at the discretion of the teacher) Teacher fills out Detention form and gives it to the area administrator for inclusion in the students file. Area Administrator notifies parents and includes documentation of the phone call in the Communication Log. (The teacher who assigns the detention will supervise the detention in his/her classroom.)

  1. ADDITIONAL INFRACTIONS ( Teacher /Students/Parent/Administration)

If the student’s behavior continues after the first three steps, the students will be placed under a Disciplinary Contract. In addition, the Administration reserves the right to assign further disciplinary measures, such as (but not limited to).

  1. Conference with Guidance Counselor
  2. Parent Conference
  3. Conference with Head of School
  4. In-School Suspension
  5. Out- of- School Suspension
  6. Other actions as determined by the Administrative Team and the Laws of the Honduran Ministry of Education.

Any student who skips detention, arrives at detention late, or breaks detention rules, and any student who refuses to follow the Discipline Plan will receive further disciplinary action.

In the event of an extreme violation of school expectations, any of the above steps may be skipped. The administration reserves the right to attend to extreme behavior incidents at any time.

 Art Class Homework Policy

Originality is highly encouraged in art class. Students are expected to bring their own pictures and designs for each project. It is also common for students to bring more than one idea or example to combine and create something original. It is highly recommended for students to bring these examples or photographs the day they are asked for not only to obtain a complete grade but also to start the project on time. Students must take advantage of the allotted time for each project, if they need extra time they may take their projects home or work during recess and break. Taking their project home to complete it is not considered homework.

Art history part of the class curriculum, students will be asked to make individual or group presentations for different art styles and the role they have in history.

Make up Work Policy

  • It is the responsibility of the student to obtain make up assignments from the teachers and see that the completed work is submitted within the allotted number of days.
  • If a student is absent for 1 or 2 days , he/she MUST bring and excuse from home in order to be able to make up the missing work
  • If a student is absent for 3 or more days , he/she MUST bring an excuse from the doctor in order to be able to make up the missing work
  • If the student brings an appropriate excuse, he/she will have 1 day per day missed to make up his/her work.
  • Saturdays and Sundays do not count as makeup days.
  • If the student fails to present his/her work due, he/she will receive no points for the work.

 Tests and Quizzes

Students should expect either a written or en-grade (pop quiz or open book quiz) for each art period they study. Quizzes are short concise and relevant to the information acquired during class.

 Art Materials

  • Art materials are of crucial importance to the class. Students are expected to take proper care of them. Students should use, store, and clean the art materials used during class. Not doing so will result in academic and/or disciplinary consequences.
  • Art materials are provided for in school work only.

 Best wishes for a successful year!




Required Materials – (Mr. Stewart – World History 2)

Good Morning,

A few things you will need to be fully equipped for my World History class.

  • A single-subject notebook. I want you to have a dedicated notebook (NOT a section of a multiple-section notebook). The notebook should be bound (if I hold the notebook and shake it, papers should not be flying all over the place). For more information, please see my blog post about rubrics and standards.
  • A stapler. A mini-stapler is fine.
  • A folder/binder to keep returned work organized.


I am looking forward to working with you.

-Mr. Ian (aka Mr. Stewart)

Grading Policy – Mr. Stewart (World History 2)

Grading Policy – Mr. Stewart

Department of Social Studies, Upper School – Discovery School

Each students grade will be determined based on the following formula:

Assessments (30%)

This includes tests, quizzes, and in-class presentations that are intended to demonstrate mastery of the curriculum.

Homework (15%)

Homework will be graded according to the rubric posted on the teacher’s blog. Unexcused late homework will be subject to a points deduction.

Classwork/Engagement (25%)

This part of the grade encompasses all in-class written work, participation in class discussion, and making meaningful contributions in pair- and group-work. The grade will also include periodic assessments of the student’s notebook (see teacher’s blog for notebook standards).

Contributions to class discussion will be evaluated both in terms of consistency (students are expected to make meaningful contributions to class every day) and in terms of quality (see rubric on the teacher’s blog).

Persistent and/or egregious deviation from in-class expectations for appropriate student behavior will lead to a deduction from this part of the student’s grade.

Term Projects/Extended Work (30%)

Students are expected to complete longer-term projects that will require substantial research and revision. Students will be notified when a piece of work falls under this category and task-specific rubrics will be distributed with the assignment.

Please Note – Students are expected to turn in original work that includes proper citations when necessary. Work that is copied or plagiarized will receive a score of zero and no makeup opportunity will be given.

Physical Education August 8-11, 2017-2018


Ms. Yery’s Secondary P.E. Class

Bienvenidos!!!  I have put together a list of different guidelines and expectations for my Secondary P.E. classes this year at Discovery School.  It is my goal to provide a learning environment that is positive, energetic, challenging and most of all fun.  The P. E. classes will be a great opportunity for the students to begin learning and living an active lifestyle.  The benefits of an active lifestyle are infinite and positive.  I look forward to an amazing experience with each and every one of your children.


Goals:  We will use the word R. E. S. P. E. C. T. to set the main goals for the year.


R – Right to Learn – Every child has this right to be educated!

E – Effort – Win or lose, trying is the most important trait.

S – Safety – The number one priority each and every day!

P – Purpose – Understanding how the activity can benefit you.

E – Enthusiasm – Positive energy creates a positive environment!

C – Challenge – Challenge yourself to improve each day.

T – Trust/Teamwork – Work with and trust others, the result can be amazing!



P.E. will be based on daily participation and attitude each student exhibits towards the teacher and fellow classmates.  As long as a student comes to class, wears an appropriate attire, demonstrates an effort to be actively involved, and has a positive attitude, the grades will be favorable.



Have fun!

No candy/food/gum!

Positive attitudes!

Don’t leave supervised areas!



Optional Materials for Class:  Bug Spray, hat and Sunscreen.        


Required Materials for Class:  Tennis Shoes, Water Bottle and appropriate clothing.

Carta de presentación 9no a 11mo grado


Tegucigalpa, 8 de agosto de 2017

Estimados padres de familia:

Es un placer para mí saludarles nuevamente y darles una cordial bienvenida a la clase de español. Me gustaría presentarme soy Jazmín Avilez he estado trabajado en Discovery School por once años. Estaré trabajando con los  grados de noveno, décimo, undécimo y duodécimo. Al mismo tiempo, estaré sustituyendo a la  profesora Dinora Agurcia con octavo grado.

En febrero de 2011 obtuve el título de maestría en Estudios Multidisciplinarios con la Universidad de Buffalo, New York. Tengo una licenciatura en la enseñanza de idioma extranjero la que obtuve en la Universidad Pedagógica Nacional “Francisco Morazán”. He enseñado español como segunda lengua y también tengo experiencia enseñando español y literatura como asignatura en los grados de secundaria. Este es mi noveno  año   enseñando el programa de Literatura y  Cultura,  curso avanzado, que toman los estudiantes de último año para obtener créditos en la universidad.

Estoy muy entusiasmada de comenzar este año 2017 – 2018  y quiero contar con su apoyo y colaboración para que juntos obtengamos excelentes resultados. Estaremos estudiando temas relacionados a la literatura, gramática, ortografía, redacción y análisis de textos de acuerdo a cada grado.

Se asignará un libro para leer por parcial. El objetivo de la clase de español en secundaria es afianzar y ampliar los conocimientos adquiridos durante la escuela media.

Se evaluará a los estudiantes de la siguiente manera: controles de lectura, informes y proyectos del libro  asignado en cada parcial como también se evaluará la puntualidad  responsabilidad y creatividad.  En algunas ocasiones tendrán  tareas de vocabulario, investigaciones y de redacción. En cada parcial tendrán por lo menos dos pruebas de conocimientos de los temas estudiados.

Nuevamente bienvenidos, estaré atenta a cualquier pregunta que tenga al respecto.

Si desea tener conferencias conmigo tengo disponibles dos períodos para poder atenderles. Les agradecería programar su cita con previa anticipación. Mi dirección de correo electrónico es  y mi blog  donde Ud. podrá estar más informado de las actividades de la clase.


Agradeciéndole de antemano su comprensión y colaboración.


Ms. Jazmín Avilez


Sistema de evaluación para los grados  de noveno a undécimo

Clase de español                                     Ms. Jazmín Avilez


Tegucigalpa, 8 de agosto de 2017

Discovery School

Estimados padres de familia:


Es un gran placer comenzar este nuevo año escolar 2017 – 2018 y trabajar juntos por el triunfo académico de su hijo (a).

Para mejorar y clarificar la manera en que será evaluada la clase de español se le hace una descripción detallada  de la misma:

Tareas……………………….. …………….10%

Proyectos………………………………….. 20%

Exámenes…………………………………… 20%

Lectura (controles)…………………….. ……30%

Trabajo de clase ……………………………… 20%

Tareas: se asignarán de acuerdo a la temática estudiada la cual puede consistir en investigaciones, resúmenes, corrección de errores ortográficos, lectura de capítulos del libro propuesto.

Proyectos y presentaciones: estarán relacionados a los temas a estudiar en cada parcial. Para las presentaciones deberán elaborar un informe escrito evitando al máximo faltas ortográficas ya que esto le restará puntos en el trabajo final. Para las presentaciones orales tendrán que hacer uso de ayudas audiovisuales.

Exámenes: se harán al final de cada unidad estudiada. Dependiendo de la extensión de la unidad se podrá hacer un examen o dos. El examen semestral que se realizará al final de cada periodo.

Lectura: este es un aspecto muy importante de la clase. Los estudiantes leerán una obra representativa del movimiento literario que se esté estudiando. La maestra les comunicará las fechas a realizarse dichos controles de lectura; por lo general se hace quincenal o  semanalmente dependiendo de la extensión del libro.

Trabajo de clase: comprende toda actividad realizada en la hora clase ya sea presentaciones improvisadas, análisis de textos, trabajo en grupo, discusiones o debates de determinados temas, toma de notas, etc.

La puntualidad: es un factor importante a la hora de entregar tareas, informes, y presentaciones porque de esto dependerá la nota de su trabajo. Si el estudiante no presenta sus trabajos puntualmente se le restarán 10 puntos por  día tarde de entrega. En caso de enfermedad tendrá que presentar una excusa (Ver manual de la escuela).










Math 1 Week of Aug. 7 to Aug. 11, 2017


Mon. 8/7/17 Teacher Work Day

No school

Tues. 8/8/17 Teacher Work Day

No school


(8-10 AM)

Wed. 8/9/17 Introductions & Expectations for Class, Technology, and Safety Books Covered

Welcome Letter Signed by Parents

Sign-Up Engrade

Bring Materials: Notebook, markers, glue, ribbon

Thurs. 8/10/17 Interactive Notebook Prepare Interactive Notebooks
Fri. 8/10/17 Interactive Notebook

Classroom Safety Procedure

Finish preparing notebooks


Language Arts

Dear Parents and Students,

WELCOME to Discovery School!

Thank you for your confidence in trusting the teaching of your children in our hands.

The syllabus below is designed to give you a brief overview on different components of the Language Arts class. The goal is for each student to obtain mastery of each and every content standard for students in Language Arts for grade 9:

  • Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
  • Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing:
    • Use a semicolon to link two or more closely related independent clauses.
    • Use a colon to introduce a quotation.
  • Comprehend thoroughly when reading or listening.
  • Apply knowledge of the language to understand how language functions in different contexts.
  • Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on reading and content.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings.
  • Demonstrate independence in gathering vocabulary knowledge when considering a word or phrase important to comprehension or expression.

Class dynamics will include research, projects, oral presentations, reading of assigned material, class work, and oral or written tests. Neatness and order will be expected at all times.


It is the responsibility of the student to replenish all the work that has been assigned in his absence and to deliver them in the stipulated time, except for the following reasons:

  1. If a student misses one or two days, he/she must submit a written excuse at home to replenish the work that he was unable to do.
  2. If a student is absent three days or more, he/she must submit a medical excuse to replenish the work that he could not do.
  3. If the student presents the appropriate excuse, he will have one day for each day lost to replenish the work he was unable to do.
  4. If the student does not present his / her work in the stipulated time, it will not receive a grade.
  5. If your absence is planned in advance, the assignments that must be submitted for the day of departure must be submitted earlier.


  1. Attend class every day. Absences must be justified and documented.
  2. Students must come prepared to class, this includes bringing all necessary materials.
  3. All assignments must be submitted by the date indicated.
  4. Students must show respect and consideration to others at all times.


  1. Notebook
  2. Pencil & eraser
  3. Pens

* Colors and markers

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us.

Gloria Palacios

Secondary Assistant Principal

(504) 2221-7790 ext 148

(504) 9561-1434

Pia Girbal

*Substitute Teacher